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Quality Checklist

Choice Built-in Wardrobes

Quality Control Check List

“The Sweetness of low prices is shortly forgotten by the bitterness of time”

When shopping around for a wardrobe,  choosing from different written quotes only, isn’t enough to save you from getting ripped off. Here is a benchmark list to compare the possible differences with other brands.

  • Internal Panels and shelves – ‘A’ Grade Melamine Board – (not seconds or manufacturers rejects).
  • Exposed edges –1.0mm ABS Edging as standard however or 2.0mm can be fitted on request.
  • Drawer Fronts & Metal Drawer Runners – Draw fronts are built to slide inside the two side panels and not smack the outside edge of the panels so your drawer faces cannot ever come loose, also special methods are involved to allow for the runners to not separate from the draw to stand the test of time, Whether it be standard or ball bearing runners. White PVC Handles are fitted as standard. Optional Metal handles available for an additional cost.
  • Hanging Rails: Round White Aluminium or Steel Chromed rods secured by 3 screws at each end for additional weight strength. The second row rail can be Removable to convert double hanging into single long dress hanging as required.
  • Basket & Drawer Pedestals – Centre Panels Re-enforced (Extra Strength) – holding the side panels in position so drawers will never fall off runners or fall on top of each other.
  • Door Track System (SAFETY Design) – Made of the heaviest Gauge Aluminium (thickest) available for maximum strength. Built to last from child abuse by the use of thicker rubber for a stronger grip on the framing of doors. Top Door Track System – Anti-movement wedges fitted prevent top of doors from vibrating as it slides along the track. Bottom Door Track System – Heavy Duty , Steel Axel & Steel Enclosed Bearings fitted to doors with virtually in-destructible wheels – Easy Clean bottom floor track made of the heaviest gauge thickness aluminium.
  • Installation Process- Our installers finished aesthetics are basically the same, most companies put screws in front of tracks and you will see a protruding cap but our installers are trained to fix them from the inside of the tracks while still maintaining strength. Instead of using nails like many companies, we use screws for as to maintain the strength of your robe to last many decades to come. Our Installers make sure your robe is strong, in lined and leveled so that there is no need to worry.
  • Removal & Disposal – of your old robe and only if it’s being replaced by the Choice brand.
  • Choice Guarantee – we will beat any quote equaling our quality. Sold & Installed by Choice members with more than 50 years combined experience in this industry.

WARRANTY: Choice Robes have a warranty period of 10 years from installation date, which covers all component in its construction including the installer’s workmanship.

Choice Built-in Wardrobes long established reputation is known for its ‘Value For Money’, ‘Superior Strength of Construction at Very Competitive Prices’. A fact already proven with more than 50% of new customers coming from word of mouth from satisfied customers.